Sunday, July 10, 2011

Girls' Night Out: the debriefing ...

Notes I tequila-typed into my Blackberry last night:

I don’t think there was even one dude in the place who was 6 feet tall.  (*sigh) I have decided there should be a bar dedicated to hunky football players and the women who wanna throw a leg over.
Speaking of football [analogies]: Dudes who dress like clowns are throwing a fashion Hail Mary;
They know they have no game, so they slap on some multi-colored swim trunks and Batman t-shirt and try to score using the “I’m the cute/funny guy” angle. 
Watching people in their 20s trying to seduce each other is SO awkward ... and makes me wonder why anyone would freak out about turning 30.  Someone needs to tell them it’s a way better decade for good nookie.
Girls try to bang the DJ. 
Women date the owner. 
Really desperate girls try to bang the idiot DJ who mixed the Thong Song into Grenade.

(seriously ... wtf was he thinking?)
I love my buddy:
Every woman needs a friend who will tell dudes “she’s looking for someone with a future” on her behalf.


Before I went out, I changed my Facebook status to
"Averill is putting on slutty shoes and leaving the house"

Only 4 people *liked* it and all of them were women.

The universe must be a little off-kilter.


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  1. Re: slutty shoes, that's about right for FB people. If you'd posted it to Twitter you'd have gotten stars, @replies, and maybe a few DMs, but the FB crowd are too distracted by food, farmville, and mafiawars.