Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hugs and kisses for Dayna ...

She heard my earlier request  for a picture resembling the maternal parental unit, so I could put it up on Facebook for Mother’s Day.
Dayna and a couple other people who have met the person in question (sorry, guys) have agreed that the resemblances are close, but don’t convey NEARLY ENOUGH EVIL.
Although, they are pretty damn good, if you imagine the smile and look of self-satisfaction are due to the fact that ALL THE LITTLE KIDDIES ARE CRYING.



  1. LOL, I'm crying from laughing so hard right now, does that count? Oh what fun it was to do these pics...

  2. Joyful crying ... or "shoot me now" humiliated crying like I was doing at my baby shower? ;)

  3. I think a little of both, actually... insane, over-tired, joyful crying right now... mixed in with a little bitter tears on your behalf, remembering that day...

  4. Oh god... these are brilliant!! Good work, Dayna!