Monday, January 10, 2011

On cougars

I don’t understand the whole cougar phenomenon.

A middle-aged, financially-independent woman looks for casual sex with younger dudes?


It’s not flattering when a kid in his 20s hits on you. He smells desperation. Or stupidity. Or money. It's not that he really thinks you're hot; He's hoping for a happy meal and a blow job.

Do women forget? Those kiddies aren’t good in bed. I wouldn’t sleep with them even when I was their age. Everything they know about sex, they learned from watching bad porn with their drinking buddies.

If an attractive woman says to an age-appropriate man that he could have no-expections, no-strings-attached sex with a an open-minded, free-spirited, independent woman who doesn’t expect him to buy dinner (or breakfast), he’d gladly bang you just as hard as any 24 year old.

Not to mention that you won't have to get up in the middle of the night to throw his bike in your trunk and give him a ride home to his mom's house.

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  1. hehe nice rant.. it's quite a funny site seeing the hookup go down. I don't think there's only one reason for a cougar going for a young lad.. it can range from her fetish/turnon, to making her feel young, to just being horny and attracted to the fellow, to being pissed.. I do find it a bit creepy seeing it going down in a bar (the hookup), but whatever makes one happy..
    You raise good points - but there are always exceptions to the rule..haha
    Nice blog! peace and love from south africa