Monday, June 20, 2011

makin' dinner ...

A friend asked what I was making. I said roasted chicken. 

She asked what I seasoned it with. I answered "Nothin' really."

She made the Judgey McSad face at me ...

So I went back to my yard ... picked some fresh thyme and sage ... took them in ... washed it all, plucked the tiny leaves off the thyme and did a neat chiffonade with the sage,  then made garlic paste and mixed it all together with melted butter and seasonings ... cleaned up all the clippings and garlic skins all over the counter ... then burned my finger on the stove element while basting the chicken.

I liked it a lot better in my teens, when peer pressure was just "Here: Smoke this."



  1. Mmmmmmmm, was the chicken a treat? Thyme and sage are always good, a bit of garlic....40 cloves never hurts either...

    Are we sharing?