Monday, February 7, 2011

The Bachelor (02/07/2011)

This week’s Bachelor drinking game: Every time someone says “Costa Rica”, you have to do a shot.
Chicks always dig helicopter rides.  Boys, write that down.

I love when Brad says profound stuff like "Group dates are TOUGH!"
No duh, dude.  Dating one chick at a time is nearly impossible. 
There aren't enough production assistants in the world to make a five-on-one manageable.
If you have to say “I’m glad there were no tears” after you take a girl out, you just might be a horrible boyfriend and the reason why she cries incessantly.  Just sayin'.  Maybe from experience.

If I had been on the date Alli went on, I would’ve totally yelled
“I don’t wanna go on any more of your crazy Goonie adventures!”


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